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LaPlant Tulsi Green Tea - 25 Tea Bags

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Truly Stress Relieving & Rejuvenating!
A perfect herbal blend of Green Tea with Tulsi reinvigorates your mind, body and soul while you savour the delicious taste and unique aroma. Tulsi, known for its high medicinal content, combines with Green Tea to deliver unmatched health benefits.
The Tulsi & Green Tea Magic!
Rich in powerful antioxidants and other medicinal properties, LaPlant Tulsi Green Tea delivers a deeper healing experience while completely rejuvenating mind, body and soul.

1.    Alleviates Stress
2.    Boosts Immunity
3.    Builds Stamina
4.    Stimulates Metabolism
5.    Relieves Cold, Cough & Fever
6.    Treats Respiratory Disorders
7.    Reduces Bad Cholesterol
State of Art Packaging:
•    Metallised Heat-Sealed Envelope: Every tea bag is individually packed in a state of art heat-sealable metallised envelope to protect and deliver the original aroma and flavour, providing tea drinkers the experience of drinking tea straight out of the tea gardens.
•    Double Chamber Tea Bag: We pack our selected tea leaves in double chambered edible filter paper made tea bags, which when dipped in hot water, quickly provide the perfect brew.
Hard Tag: Our specially designed Hard Tags are robust yet convenient to hold while brewing tea with tea bags.


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